What my clients say

“I wasn’t too nervous, I felt very prepared. I actually don’t think I could have done any better.”
And he got the job!

Richard (Graduate)

Hi Tanja, I believe my mum let you know I got an amazing job yesterday !! Thank you so much for all your help, it gave me so much confidence to keep persevering. I remembered your advice during the interview!

Anna (Graduate)

Tanja really helped me to identify what I wanted to achieve and how. She asked very inciteful questions and was very positive and easy to talk to. We laid all my plans on a mind map and put my thoughts into a to do list and timeline. This enabled me to prioritise my thoughts, so I had a clear plan of how to achieve my goals.


Tanja’s input on carefully crafting a punchy CV with executive style and panache gave me the confidence to set forth on a high level entry pathway to being a successful candidate at interview after a very long career break. Tanja offered supportive incisive coaching preparation advice which also meant I was ready for the unexpected and prepared for the difficult. It must have worked because it landed me a great role which I could only dream of before benefitting from Tanja’s professional insight and guidance. Thank you! You helped me to put my best foot forward. I would while heartedly recommend Tanja for career guidance, strategy and CV preparation.


Thank you so much for all the help on the job front. You truly improved my confidence which, in turn, helped me secure the exact job I wanted!

Sophie (Graduate)

“That’s been really helpful. It’s made me step back and see where I have relevant experience and what I need to concentrate on.”
These are the words of a client who hadn’t updated his cv for 10 years.


So finally today I have been notified that I have been chosen for the position. The package is actually above what I had anticipated so I’m very happy with that still to determine a start date and handover plan but so far so good. Thank you for all of your help and support through this and I will for sure reach out to you if I have anything else in the future thank you again.


I definitely feel a lot more comfortable than back in October especially with regards to job applications- they’re a lot easier now because I know what to focus on! (And this guy landed 2 job offers!)

James (Graduate)