Coaching Services

What I can do for you 


It depends on what you need. Some need more help with their applications or their job search than others, some with making their cv more relevant or some need more confidence in what they’re doing or to keep motivated.

CV and cover letter writing and perfecting. Do you know it takes a recruiter ONLY 6 seconds to decide if your cv should go through to the next stage? Your CV is your marketing tool. I can help write or review  your CV to make it the best it can be and show you how to create the best cover letter so that you feel as confident as possible when submitting both.

Review your Linkedin profile. Your Linkedin profile showcases you and signals your interest to recruitment agencies. I can help you write your profile and show you how to use it to your advantage, searching and matching you to vacancies; identifying with whom to network whilst seeking out roles for yourself.

Make you accountable. Some young adults need to be accountable to someone (other than their parents!) in order to get them to do things. At the end of each session, you will go away with a plan of your next steps and tasks to be done to before the next session.

Structure your job search. You have to be proactive rather than reactive in this market. Based on your academics and your interests in the current market, I can help you identify the companies you might want to work for; the job titles to search for and the people you can talk to to help you fact-find. All these things help keep momentum up when things look bleak.

Life coaching. What makes you happy and what’s holding you back? I can help you explore what you want and identify other options to broaden your horizons and enhance your prospects. Drawing a timeline helps structure the future, can relieve the pressure and can make you feel more secure.

Interviews. You can never be over prepared! I can show you how to prepare; give you a mock; find appropriate answers to competency questions; structure and perfect your answers. I can help you appear confident when you don’t feel it and give you top tips for presenting in a virtual zoom interview either in a group or 121.

It’s a job getting a job- it will take time and effort

It’s all about making you as marketable as possible

We can find your competitive edge

Your application needs to be the best it possibly can be

For every one rejection, you need to apply for another one

Structure and a timeline will make you feel more in control

I can give you the confidence you need and the energy to stay motivated


Extra Services

Perfect your presentation style

Take your confidence to the next level with a trained actress and confidence coach who specialises in enhancing presentation skills through Zoom. Work on posture, pace, presentation and pronunciation and on your breathing techniques to help with nerves or feeling of anxiety before any interview…

She can make such a difference!

Pursuing a legal career

If you’re applying to law firms, my lovely old Uni lawyer friend can give you her take on your applications. She can perfect your legal cv, vac scheme and training contract applications making sure you stand out from the crowd. There’s no messing, she’s quite ruthless, but you know it will be totally fit for purpose!